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BIG WHEEL RECORDS was created in Montreal in july 2009 by Dédé, Matt and Max, three people passionate about punk-rock music. They’ve all been involved for many years now in the underground music scene in the metropolis. The first organizes, at a rhythm quasi-frightening, numerous shows in Montreal; the second performs regularly and is involved in the promotion of the local scene; the third is a journalist, a press relations officer and a producer.

Noting the lack of resources to support independent punk bands and the few possibilities offered by the label companies, the team decides to create its own label, 100% Do It Yourself. Inspired by the beginnings of Stomp Records and Dare To Care Records -- while targeting another market -- they decide to work on three main activities : distribution, promotion and booking.

BIG WHEEL RECORDS’'s goal is simple: to support emerging bands from the punk-rock, ska-punk and hardcore scene for album distribution and promotion as well as the planning of shows and tours around Quebec and Canada.

With a philosophy based on artistic collaboration, BWR wants to become an important player in the music industry and expects to contribute to the promotion and advancement of Quebecer and Canadian punk-rock musical culture.