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Dominic Pelletier - EP

If the name rings a bell it is probably because you know him as the lead vocalist and guitarist for Quebec City’s own The Hunters. Having actively demonstrated his talent amidst Quebec’s punk rock scene since 2005 (everything started when he was only 15 years old), Dominic Pelletier has now decided that it was time act as the lone cowboy (without leaving his band) and to show off other facets of himself by writing and interpreting his own material.

Wheather it be as a solo act or accompanied by his musician friends he brilliantly demonstrates his ever flowing talent. Impecably recorded by Ryan Battistuzzi (Malajube, Colin Moore) he confirms that the role of singer/ songwriter comes easy to him with folk ballades that range for melancholy to revalation that are interpreted with a rough edge that fits perfectly with his style.

Since he has left the classroom Dominic has cumulated a near 200 concerts across Canada with The Hunters and this experience flows strongly during his solo shows. As a matter of fact it is thanks to numerous meetings throughout his touring experience that he is invited to open for some of his idols, Tony Sly and Joey Cape (No Use For A Name, Lagwagon).