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Brixton Robbers - Rocks & Cranes

It is four years after it's formation that the band finally enters the studio to record a full length record. Through sweat, swears and a few (many) bucks came 13 songs that show the band's evolution and chemistry with a mix of fast paced and festive songs all of which are delivered through gritty vocals. The band put the record together with some of the scene's finest. First off pre production was done by Mitch Girio (The Planet Smashers, The Kingpins, One Night Band) and the recording by Steve Rizun (The Flatliners, Ill Scarlett, The Creepshow). Rocks and Cranes was later released on Big Wheel Records on August 28th 2009.


  1. Bright Light
  2. O Street
  3. The Pit
  4. Meaningless
  5. Green Grass
  6. Pipe Bomb
  7. Legal Drinking Age
  8. Bashing And Hating
  9. Half Awake
  10. Rock Lobster
  11. Walk Away
  12. 20$ Chris
  13. Fuck The Shit

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