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Inside Riot - The Glory Years

It would be easy to say that four 20 year old guys plus some guitars, a mic
and an amp makes a punk band. Following this logic, everybody can do it.
The thing with INSIDE RIOT is that not only do they do it, but they do it
real good.
Whether on CD or on stage, the guys of INSIDE RIOT hurl their catchy and energetic punk-rock songs in your face without letting you one second of rest. Formed in August 2008, INSIDE RIOT immediately owned the stages wherever the band was playing and quickly became one of the most promising local acts of the genre. Since they started, Chris Newhook, Ryan Dempster, Steven Paolucci and Will Laurin have been kicking ass all over Canada and the US with their classic punk rock sound. A perfect mix between all the Fat Wreck bands you loved in the '90s with a touch of emotion à la Lifetime and some new school tricks like fellow young Canadians, The Flatliners. True punk rock spirit.

co-release with Pouzza Records